Since 1985, Universal Tailors have successfully established itself as leading and best bespoke tailor in Bangkok.
We are committed to handcraft the finest bespoke or custom tailored suits and shirts with meticulous attention to details and made to fit perfectly. We abide to the highest standards of traditional hand bespoke tailoring by offering authentic fabric,
high quality workmanship and friendly personal service. We take pride in going beyond simply making bespoke suits —
we create garments that inspire confidence and success.


Bespoke Suit

We craft bespoke suits for discerning men who want contemporary style as well the highest craftsmanship in their tailoring. Our blend of tradition and heritage alongside modern cut and finish is highly sought after. We cut slim and sleek custom tailored suits for a modern look that’s both striking and refined. Every suit is crafted to your precise measurement with a unique paper pattern drawn ensuring the perfect fit.


Bespoke Shirt

There is nothing quite like the luxury of a custom made dress shirt. Each of our shirts is expertly sewn by a single tailor to your exact measurements, ensuring an exceptional fit and comfort. Hand made from finest cotton shirtings, every one of our bespoke shirts is the ultimate in
premium quality.


Construction /

Our tailored suit are painstakingly hand cut and crafted into a one of a kind bespoke creation to your
specifications using the highest quality canvasses, haircloth, cotton, linen, thread and linings. Our unparalleled attention to detail distinguishes our bespoke creations, ensuring
impeccable fit and one-of-a-kind style.



Here at UT, we cut sleek and elegant suits that is sure to command attention. We fancy a slightly shorter jacket,
minimal padding for the natural and flattering silhouette. We emphasize on high armholes and suppressed waist for the lean and contemporary look. Trousers to be tapered with slight or no break on the cuff.



Avoid the famous TUK TUK scam and hotel concierge suggestions, they get 40% commission luring and persuading you to visit other tailors. Read to learn more on the tricks used by inferior tailors and how to identify the “hallmark” of a high quality custom made suit that we craft.



Universal Tailors gathered many
plaudits and accolades which is why their suits are worn by some of the world’s most stylish men in business, media and the arts. Style, and the confidence to wear it, are sewn into every Universal tailor suit.