We recently got featured in the prestigious Wanderlust magazine. We were approached by the editors and they were quite eager to write about our business and background. We were more than willing to share our thoughts and made sure we gave the right answers to them! Wanderlust is a leading expat life & style print magazine and blog for expats living in Thailand, covering fashion, health, well-being, travel, & culture.

The editors touched upon our background. For those who were not aware, Mr. Ronnie (Kuljit Singh), the founder of UNIVERSAL TAILORS was born and raised in Mumbai, India. In his early 20’s, he moved to Bangkok in the pursue of new career. He learnt the craft from his immediate uncle for few years and started his own tailoring business in 1985, that’s when Universal Tailors was formed. Mr. Raj, the son joined the business 4 years back and successfully transform the image of the company. And now its going from strength to strength. You can read the details from the picture below:




We discuss our background with the editors, the transformation that took place when Raj joined the business; that was one of the milestone of the company. And also key insights on the misconception of tailoring in Bangkok and the comparison with HongKong tailors. We also describe the process in getting a suit made and what’s in store for styles in 2017. Read more below: