Anatomy of
a tuxedo

A gentlemen’s wardrobe is incomplete is not complete without a perfectly tailored tuxedo. While you may don your tuxedo only a few times a year, you want to look your best on those important occasions. By investing in a bespoke tuxedo, you will stand out from the crowd of ill-fitting off the rack and rental tuxedos.


High quality fabrics:

huge range of fabrics are available; starting from affordable 100% wool fabrics milled in Asia to higher end fabrics milled in Italy. Wool fabrics from world top and well known mills like VBC, Holland and Sherry, Zegna; etc are available. We offer some beautiful wool mohair blend fabrics perfect for tuxedo suit.

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Bemberg lining:

The choice of lining for a high end bespoke suit is bemberg cupro. With the lustre of silk and the comfort of cotton, bemberg is the undisputed king of lining fabrics. They are very soft and comfortable to wear unlike polyester/viscose lining.

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Silk facing:

Genuine silk trim on lapels and pockets. Also on trouser braiding on the sides running vertically from waistline to the hemline. Genuine silk covered button matching the silk facing on lapel and pocket trimming.

Brand Label:

Our European milled fabrics comes with a brand label sewn in the jacket as a sign of authenticity. The name of the mill on the fabric selvedge and brand label would correspond to the genuine name of the mill (should be able to looked up on internet), otherwise it’s a Chinese fabric.

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High end construction:

Our standard is half canvas construction. In our half-canvas jacket the chest have a canvas interior (made up of three layers -horsecloth, demette (a soft felt) & body canvas)  which is sewn to the outer wool fabric rather than glued. This allows the jacket to drape naturally over your chest, conforming to its shape. We also provide full canvass construction, where canvas extends all the way to the bottom hem of the jacket.

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Individual pattern:

Our cutter works from scratch with each individual client, starting the unique paper pattern cut to the client’s measures. Minimal discrepancies in the client’s posture and structure are taken in to account. Any Tweaks to the fit of the suit during first and second fitting which are then noted and transferred to the original bespoke pattern, ensuring the best possible fit on this and all future garments. This clearly distinguishes us from made to measure tailor that works with fixed pattern.

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