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Don’t settle for baggy off the rack trousers, our bespoke or custom made trousers are cut the way you wanted. They are slim, flattering and just because they are tailored specially for you, they will fit perfectly and yet be comfortable.


1) Quality waistband

The trousers are tailored with full band roll in waistband from edge to edge to prevent waistband curl and provide comfort when being worn. Snugtex (rubber grippers) are placed
completely around the inside of the waistband (not just on the sides) to ensure the wearers shirt remains tucked in.

2) Quality fabrics

huge range of fabrics are available; starting from affordable 100% wool fabrics milled in Asia to higher end fabrics milled in Italy. Wool fabrics from world top mills like VBC, Holland and Sherry, Zegna; etc are available.

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3) Brand label

The selvedge of our Italian milled fabric is sewn into the back hem of the trousers. The fabric The name of the mill on the selvedge would correspond with the name on the internet as a sign of authenticity.

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4) Cotton pocket fabrics and
Bemberg lining

Our pants are sewn in with natural 100% cotton pockets for the comfort and breathability. It is also half lined with
Bemberg curpo that allows air passage for soft and comfortable wear.on internet), otherwise it’s a Chinese fabric.

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5) Heel Guard

Our pants feature heel guards on both plain and cuffed hems. This easily replaced layer of fabric adds a little weight (to keep the pants’ crease stiff) and also protects the pants against damage from everyday wear and tear.
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