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There is nothing quite like the luxury of a custom made dress shirt. Each of our shirts is expertly sewn by a single tailor to your exact measurements, ensuring an exceptional fit and comfort. Hand made from finest cotton shirtings, every one of our bespoke shirts is the ultimate in premium quality.


World class fabrics

huge range of non branded 100% cotton from 1 ply 60’s to 2 ply 140’s. We also stock branded shirting fabrics that are milled in Italy. These are Egyptian Giza and Sea Island cottons.
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Mother of pearl

We generally favor high-quality Mother of Pearl buttons for their depth of color and shine. Mother of Pearl buttons are also very resilient to degradation caused by cleaners and heat, and as such can last a long time.  Thicker or “Tall Mother of Pearl” buttons are quite expensive and are a sure sign of a high quality dress shirt. All our dress shirts comes with complimentary mother of pearl button.
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Pre-Shrunk and easy to Iron fabric

All of our fabrics are pre-shrunk, meaning that after-wash
shrinkage is kept to a minimum. Most of our fabrics have
reduced wrinkling qualities due to special finishing
treatments.  This doesn’t eliminate wrinkles but greatly reduces them.

100% cotton interlinings

in the collars and cuffs, which makes them soft and
comfortable yet ensure they retain their shape and size.

Single needle stitched

Another way to tell a high quality dress shirt is to check if it has single needle side seam stitching along the sides of the shirt and bottom of the sleeves.  This will produce an
incredibly tight seam that is very narrow and elegant.  Only one line of thread will be visible on the outside of the shirt and the tightness of the seam will make it such that no puckering can show when the shirt is washed and dried.

Clean, Tight Stitching

In general, the stitching throughout the the shirt should be straight or smoothly curved in the curves.  A high quality dress shirt should have at least 18 stitches per inch around the cuffs and collars.   At Buttons ‘n’ Threads we construct our shirts at 24 stitches per inch. At this density the stitches become virtually invisible and the shirt looks seamlessly elegant.

Customizable options

Almost every detail, from  collar style, to cuffs, contrast
fabrics, buttons to whether you want a monogram (your
initials) and of course, size is chosen by you and is all
inclusive in our fixed prices. ..