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The writer approached and got us talking about how we operate our business.  We then further elaborated and explain more on the tailoring scene in Bangkok. How the business has been affected by TUK TUK scams that try to rip off foreigner looking for affordable tailor made suits. Moreover, majority of tailor offering too good to be true deals like “1 suit 1 shirt for 120 USD.

The write quoted our line “ You cannot compare a quality suit on the basis of price alone”..  To further add, clients often mention that we are expensive but one should compare our quality suit by apple to apple. Most tailors in Bangkok use cheap canvas, interlining, shoulder pads, lining; etc. If you compare our suits with similar one in Europe or USA, ours is more affordable.

Lastly, we didn’t pay the magazine unlike the other three tailors that got the full coverage. But nevertheless, they listed us at the top above other tailors.