Bangkok EXPAT life

We would believe we are the number 1 tailor among Bangkok expats. We boast a clientele of hundreds of expats living in Bangkok. Thus this triggered the leading expat magazine to feature a story on us specifically. Their title “BANGKOK’S BESPOKE TAILOR OF INTERNATIONAL RENOWN – UNIVERSAL TAILORS” is flattering. We completely agree with them.

The magazine noticed the flattering reviews we get on Tripadvisor everyday. Those are genuine feedbacks from satisfied client. We must say we are challenged with fussy clients quite so often and it is not easy to satisfy them. We are tested time and time again and we bring our A game out to meet their needs.

The writers also inform their readers the vast range of fabrics we carry, our workmanship of suits and our obsession for quality.  The magazine praised us for requiring every client to undergo atleast 3 fittings to ensure a fantastic fit. Contrary to most tailors turning around a suit within 24 hours with no or 1 fitting. We require atleast 3 working days to produce a masterpiece.


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