Belt or no?

Should you opt for belt in your suit trousers or no? There are different school of thoughts in this topic.

A traditionalist would strongly say with full confidence “YES” while a fresh new graduate would consider belt to be optional. There isn’t a right or wrong answer to this question. There is some guidelines and occasion to when to wear a belt and when to skip it.

We will make your life easier below: 

Belts are common men’s accessory when dressing up in a suit nowadays. But it wasn’t back in early 20th century. Back then suits didn’t have belts but rather had pull-tabs or side adjusters on the waistband to accommodate any minor fluctuation in weight.  Suspenders were used when a little extra lift was needed. It wasn’t until suits went into mass production with standardized sizing and off-the-rack shopping that belt loops were introduced.



Final Verdict