Most clients prefer a wool suit mainly because wool is a natural product and as such, it breaths. However, over 85% of wool suits sold today have a synthetic polyester lining or are mixed with one or more synthetic fibres, most of which don’t breath at all. Because of this, synthetic fibres tend to trap body odour and moisture inside the jacket canvas.

But we instead use ‘cupro’ lining for our suit jacket and trousers. Bemberg, a high-quality brand of cupro in Japan, is breathable, light, durable, and with a silky touch that looks and feels great. Bemberg Cupro® is a natural fibre made from cotton linter.

Moreover, the Bemberg Cupro® lining is anti-allergic, antistatic and resistant to the higher temperatures of stretching.

Bemberg is a natural product, with breathable fibres, that quickly absorb body moisture and release it to the outside,
creating a dry and cling free interior.

‘Bemberg’ is static free and soft on the skin, has excellent dye ability and superior colour infinity, creating deep colours with
vibrant lustre. It breaths like cotton and drapes like silk.

What’s the point of buying a breathable wool suit with a non breathing, synthetic jacket lining; it’s defeating the cause!

If you want an absolute top quality wool suit, skirt or sports jacket, it’s got to be a ‘Bemberg’ lining – No wool suit,
blazer or pants is complete without it.

All Universal Tailor suit, are tailored with ‘Bemberg’ linings as standard; we’re so convinced, that we won’t even offer the client a synthetic lining.