Bespokeable offers Visual product customization & commerce solutions.  It’s a platform that allows the user to easily display & sell custom-made goods online.

This is one of the first press release we had. Bespokeable contacted us as they wanted to ventured their online product customization into tailoring website. They did extensive reach and found us to be one of the most popular tailor in Bangkok, Thailand.  They also interviewed couple of other Bangkok tailors but as you can see our name comes first in the hierarchy.

We shared our thoughts on the increasing need for a successful website displaying all the fabrics and styles for our customers. The fact is that it is has become a very important aspect of our business as our clients (90% being foreigner) cannot visit our flagship store year after after so they would like the option to use their saved measurement and purchase additional suits and shirts.

The software is still under testing period. Once, the full version is out, we will sure adopt them in our site.