How to choose the right tailor in Bangkok

Bangkok is the land of smiles. There are millions of travelers flocking into the city every month. Once cannot help to notice hundreds of tailors along the street of downtown. Tailoring business in Thailand has been evident since 1960s and have been running since. The question arises, how do one choose the best tailor in

Oscars 2022

The 2022 Oscars ceremony was the most awaited red carpet event of the year, and it was indeed memorable. Looking past the Will & Chris incident, we got to witness celebs in their finest formal attire. Many played it safe, and the others took a risk to stand out – some risks paid off, and

How To Have A Great First Date in SUIT

How To Have A Great First Date in SUIT Every holiday season, people like to couple up so they can create lasting memories. Whether you’re cuddled up in a snowy cabin or sunbathing on a beach, there’s something special about spending a sleepy day with someone you love. If you haven’t dated in a while,

How to Make Your Suit Last Longer

How to Make Your Suit Last Longer You’ve finally invested in a quality suit, and you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Here are some tips. CLEANING Only clean your suit when it is physically dirty or stinky – meaning you’ve spilled something on it, or you sweat through it. Most suits are

Fresco Suit

Fresco Suit Godfather of summer suit, Fresco Suit. Fresco is a lightweight fabric made from tropical wool with a porous weave designed for maximum air circulation. It’s an ideal choice for hot and humid climates or for those who generally have higher body temperatures. The word “fresco” is derived from the Italian word “affresco”, which

Bespoke Suits are Pinnacle of Mens fashion

Custom clothing seems to be trending at all levels, yet this is nothing new for the suit industry. Topping off the charts at the highest level of sophistication, comfort, and fit is the bespoke suit in Mens Fashion. The experience of designing a bespoke suit A top reason to make your suit bespoke is for

Dev Patel Rocked the Double Breasted suit

Dev Patel at the recent premiere of his new movie, The Personal History of David Copperfield, rocked the Double Breasted suit. He showed that even the fanciest aka formal, most corporate-leaning finance-legend suit can, worn the right way, becomes a legit party suit. There’s basically only one step involved here: chill out. Lose the tie. Open your shirt

Pleats or Flat Front (Dress Pants)

To pleat or not to pleat, that is the question. The question on pleated vs flat front when choosing dress pants demands an answer. Learning the differences between the two common dress pant styles will give you a sartorial advantage against the uninitiated. Plus, it will prevent you from committing a style blunder in public.

Perfect Sleeve Length

How long should my suit jacket sleeves be? And how much shirt cuff should be shown? Your Suit sleeve should end right above the top of your wrist bone (or the hinge of your wrist). In order to show the right amount of dress shirt cuff, the sleeve length must be perfect first. A properly fitting shirt

Pant Break

Suit pant breaks (how your pant legs meet your dress shoes and the kind of shapes that form) are mainly a matter of personal preference. That being said, the wrong dress pants break won’t flatter your body type, might not make the statement you think it does, and may not be appropriate for the environment or occasion.

Guide on choosing bespoke Tailor in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city of angels. Along with skyscrapers, shopping malls, nightlife; you come along hoards of tailors along the busy streets of Bangkok. Tailoring has been in Thailand since the early 20th century and counting to do good business. But among thousands of tailors, who you choose as your tailor. Who is the right

Conor McGregor’s Style

Conor McGregor may be best known for his fighting, but the UFC champion has another skills: dressing like a boss. The Irishman’s outfits are indeed just as killer as his moves, which is why many men are looking to him for fashion ideas and advice. In this article, we’ve rounded up McGregor’s best looks for

No Ties, Brown Shoes

Fashion matters more in politics than we’d imagine. And we are the fashion police in political sphere. Donald Trump taping his ties is the proof that he may be unfit to lead the nation. And at the recent Democratic debate several candidates attempted to use style as a way to silently send a message. Ties no

Summer Look: Steel Blue

One of our personal favorite fabrics from our Spring/Summer 2019 collection is the Superfine Merino Worsted Suit in Steel Blue. We are always on the hunt for colors that are strong and unique, but also versatile and wearable. This beautiful cloth is the perfect year-round weight, has a subtle sheen and comes in the most

Guide to get a custom made suit

The 90s was a turning point in bespoke clothing. Big retail brands began offering made-to-measure suits in their boutiques. Led by brands like Ermenegildo Zegna, bespoke services became more accessible. The meaning of bespoke suit Context is needed to understand how clothing is made from scratch. There are generally three types of clothing. The first

Suit Care during Bangkok’s Rainy season

Bangkok’s rainy season has begun, it’s time to think about what you will do to keep your custom suit in shape. This is especially important if you’ve opted for a fine fabric such as mohair or a cashmere blend. The most obvious advice for suit protection during rainy season is: always bring an umbrella! Don’t consider the umbrella just a tool, though; treat it as

Refresh Checks a Suit Trend for the ages

Check and Patterned Suiting is the best way to stand out in the crowd without being too LOUD. Like any sartorialist,  we plan our clothing months ahead. Our focus for Fall / Winter was new, bold patterns and unique ways to wear colour. Our three core checks for the season: A Bold Grey Windowpane, Burgundy

Off the Rack vs. Tailored Suits the Ultimate Guide

It is said that every person should have a high-quality formal garment in their wardrobes, right now you could probably list five occasions in which you would need to dress formally. These days a universally recognized formal outfit is the traditional suit. But when you go to the trouble of actually commissioning or purchasing a

Soft Shoulder

With spring and summer on the clock, lighter weight suits and jackets in more casual forms comes into foreplay with the desire for a less structured feel. Integral to this is the the soft shoulder – a lightly padded shoulder construction, giving a softer, more casual silhouette to a tailored jacket. Soft shoulders have little

Best Dressed Men at Met GALA 2019

We were missing the grand celebration, after the OSCARS award ended few months back. We were missing the flashy suits, camera flashes and the red carpet celebration. But then came the glitz and glam in May. Our favorite celebs and people in the world of entertainment mesmerized us at the MET GALA, New York glorified

All about the Linen Suit

For the unkown, linen is a natural fibre that comes from the flax plant, the name having derived from the Latin name of the plant. Before the advancement of man-made fibres, linen was often used as the inner layer of expensive garments, which is the  lining. It’s maybe the ultimate warm-weather fabric but not a

Clothes make the Man – Tailoring as a solution to a modern day fashion crisis

  The present fashion crisis. “Clothes make the man.”—a modern day translation of “For the apparel oft proclaims the man.”—one of the infamous lines from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, meaning others draw their opinion about you depending on the clothes you choose to put on. These lines could not be truer in 2019 with almost everyone trying

Dress code regulations

The announcement by Goldman Sachs in Marc 2019 that suits are ties are optional made headlines all over the internet and news. The move was a surprise in the industry, as Goldman Sachs and other investment firms have long been known for its suited employees and formal business look.Dress codes at workplace provide a uniformity

Tailoring Industry Trends and Forecast for 2019

If you want to own a handmade suit, then a custom tailor must be your top priority. Custom clothing options are becoming a trend because mass-producers of apparel only supply generic sizing with their products. Most people are far from average. That is why a tailor-made, bespoke suit is a top priority for today’s professionals.

What matters when buying a suit in Bangkok?

When you want to look your best, the obvious place to turn to for a bit of sartorial assistance is a good quality suit. Many men, though, short on time and currency, will often turn to buying a suit off the rack. Did you know, though, that in terms of value you are always going

Technological advances in the tailoring industry

Just like many other industries out there, the tailoring industry is also influenced by technology in various ways. Nowadays we find various tech ideas and pieces added to men’s fashion just because it’s suitable, easy to use and makes our life a bit better. The suit industry might seem reticent to new tech, just because

2019 Suit Trends

The last time you wore a suit, would be for a job interview or perhaps a wedding party or a funeral. Over the years, it seems suits have decline in fashion. But the run-away models in 2019 Spring/Summer collection suggests otherwise. There is a lot of suit tailoring with a modern twist. Performance fabrics, vibrant

Windowpane Suit

Windowpane pattern are thin/slim lines that cross like squares/rectangle on fabrics. It is an ongoing trend and have been making their way into suits at Italian labels and at bespoke tailors too. Windowpane can be the contender for the most perfect suit patterns. Windowpane pattern beefs up the slim guy, makes the thin guys look

Nothing Fits Quite Like a Tailored Suit

There’s a big event coming up and you want to be looking at your very best. Or maybe you have an upcoming interview and you want to impress. There’re countless reasons why you might want to dress to impress and this will often involve wearing a suit. The good news is that there’s plenty to

What to Look For The Best Tailors in Bangkok

In a City Full of Tailors, Don’t Compromise and Pick the Best Tailor in Bangkok One thing that many visitors to Bangkok notice is the sheer number of tailors that are available. You will often find that there are several right next door to each other, all trying to convince you that you should use

Good vs Average Tailor

Good tailors who is an expert in its craft is becoming rare. That means there are more average or bad tailors in the industry. For men, dressing well is a skilled that comes with one own’s experiences and inspiration from others.  Inspiration can come from red carpet celebrities, sports person wearing the expensive Italian label

Surgeon Cuff

What are surgeon cuffs on a men’s suit? You must have heard about them during a conversation with a tailor or someone who’s a suit-enthusiast. One line answer would be: they are functional button on suit jacket sleeves. They also called working button holes. Lets look back. In the early 19th century, military doctors or

Belt or no?

Should you opt for belt in your suit trousers or no? There are different school of thoughts in this topic. A traditionalist would strongly say with full confidence “YES” while a fresh new graduate would consider belt to be optional. There isn’t a right or wrong answer to this question. There is some guidelines and

Shirt collar guide

Dress shirt collars comes in various shapes, sizes and style. Understanding and utilizing the collar is an important lesson in men’s fashion. The choices are limited if you buy MTM shirt or off the rack shirt; that’s the beauty of getting a hand made custom shirt. Men usually stick to a few collar shapes; but

Tailor Bangkok

Thailand is one of the most visited country in the world because it has almost everything to offer. It is a very affordable tourist destination, have the best beaches in the world, its a shopping paradise and much more. With all the upsides, there are some serious downsides. Almost every tourist coming into Thailand will

Hopsack Weave

Hopsack is basically the name of the weave, not a fabric name. Hopsack varies in terms of the weight, twist and how tightly or loosely the fabric is woven. It is basically a lightweight wool fabric and go-to fabrics in summers. It has a basket weave texture which gives a very different feel to tailored

Fall Suit

Suit fabrics can range from real cheap ones to exquisite ones. Deciding between fabrics can be a real struggles; but avoid polyester fabrics at all time. One of the key sartorial decision to be made while getting a suit tailored is seasonality. One should be able to navigate the changing weather through its suit fabrics.

Business Suit

Business suit help you close business For business attire or business suits, the color is straight forward. The standard color for suits are navy or grey. The choice is limited but it STILL needs to be done right. There is no other color that looks smarter or flatter one’s skin better than these two colors. Black

Pocket Square Guide

The pocket square is a cultural relic. In ancient Egypt, nobles wore pocket squares made of Chinese silk. Later, Greeks carried perfumed cotton cloths to remove sweat, creating an ancient antiperspirant. In Medieval Europe, knights would carry handkerchiefs close to their chest as proof of a lady’s favor. Pocket squares have been integral to cultures

SUMMER outfit

Interestingly, most men think about cotton or linen fabrics first. Also, the lightness of the fabrics seems to be the number one criterium, but these are only two aspects of warm weather menswear. Therefore we created this guide where we explain what to look for in hot weather clothing. Although a summer suit needs more than

Bespoke Suit CARE

Buying a bespoke suit is an investment, and as with any investment, your suits should be well cared for. This is important in order to preserve their appearance and maximise their life span. The first thing to understand is that when you first start to wear a new bespoke suit it will begin to settle

Ticket Pocket

For the uninitiated, the ticket pocket is the small flapped or jetted pocket (it can be straight, or slightly angled), placed just above the right main hip pocket on a men’s jacket. It is normally roughly half as wide as the hip pocket. The ticket pocket, also known as change pocket, has an old British

Why wool?

Wool is the fiber that grows on the body of a certain animal – sheep, goat, camel, rabbit etc. It replenishes itself each time the animal is sheared and continues to grow throughout its lifetime. It is also the word we usually use when we talk about fabrics that are made out of fleece of

Overcoat guide

A jacket is good for outdoor activities and very casual get-ups. Beyond that, though, you need a nicer overcoat for a wide variety of events: daily work at a professional job or the occasional job interview; going out to a bar, restaurant, or movie; coffee dates, theater dates, and every kind of date in between;

VBC revenge collection

We are excited to announce the addition of a new luxury fabric from our favourite mill “Vitale Barberis Canonico”. VBC’s “REVENGE” Super 150’s range is made entirely from 16.1 micron wool, spun to a 104,000 yarn count. This means that from each kilo of wool we obtain 104 kilometres of yarn. Produced in just a

Return of Waistcoat

So, why the sudden resurgence of the long-time unpopular, or certainly under used, waistcoat? For our wedding customers a three-piece clearly makes a lot of sense: something to add to the sense of occasion and make the groom stand out for the crowd, so naturally the ratio here is high. For our wedding customers we