Time and time again we’ve touted the importance of the details in your wardrobe. This is especially true in the world of
custom suits. When you have control over so many variables of a garment’s construction, you want to be sure you’re
choosing the best option.

One of those fine details that can make or break the appearance of a suit is the buttons. We’re not talking about how many or where they are (although both of those are very important factors). What we’re talking about is what they’re made of.

It should go without saying that you want to avoid plastic. It breaks easily and looks cheap. We’re of the opinion that you should choose between three quality variables – horn, mother of pearl, and corozo. We’ll break down each one and let you know what makes them superior choices.

We offer complimentary mother of pearl buttons for shirts. We favor mother of pearl button for the depth of color and shine.  Mother of Pearl buttons are also very resilient to degradation caused by cleaners and heat, and as such can last a long time.  Thicker or “Tall Mother of Pearl” buttons are quite expensive and are a sure sign of a high quality dress shirt.

For tailored suit, we offer complimentary corozo buttons.

Corozo Button

Corozo nut button are made from the seeds from the tropical tagua palm, which grows in the northwest of South America. They are 100% natural product and has a beautiful natural sheen that enhances the look of the suit. At a microscopic level, corozo is made up of very tightly wound organic fibers which give it excellent durability and scratch resistance. Its porous nature allows colors to penetrate deep into the surface which makes it an excellent material for dyeing. Corozo is also well known for its
elegant natural grain; a unique pattern that, much like a fingerprint, ensures no two buttons are exactly alike. We have all the major plain colors available.

Horn button

Horn buttons come in light brown, dark brown, black, amber, and ivory. They usually have an organic texture (run your fingernail along the rim and it should have a tiny ridges, like a worn-down quarter, and often they appear to be marbleized. Upon close inspection, they have depth in the lighter areas, which are slightly translucent. Horn buttons are also typically semi-matte – unlike plastic buttons which are smooth and uniformly shiny, though many mimic the marble patter and colors.

Mother of pearl button

Natural Mother of Pearl is harvested from the shells of oysters and is a durable, brilliantly iridescent material. A flat button with shiny brilliance. Definitely a more showy button.