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ร้านตัดสูท เราเป็นร้านตัดสูทตั้งแต่ปี 1985 รับในธุรกิจสำหรับรุ่นที่ 3

Dev Patel Rocked the Double Breasted suit

Dev Patel at the recent premiere of his new movie, The Personal History of David Copperfield, rocked the Double Breasted suit. He showed that even the fanciest aka formal, most corporate-leaning finance-legend suit can, worn the right way, becomes a legit party suit. There’s basically only one step involved here: chill out. Lose the tie. Open your shirt

Pleats or Flat Front (Dress Pants)

To pleat or not to pleat, that is the question. The question on pleated vs flat front when choosing dress pants demands an answer. Learning the differences between the two common dress pant styles will give you a sartorial advantage against the uninitiated. Plus, it will prevent you from committing a style blunder in public.

Perfect Sleeve Length

How long should my suit jacket sleeves be? And how much shirt cuff should be shown? Your Suit sleeve should end right above the top of your wrist bone (or the hinge of your wrist). In order to show the right amount of dress shirt cuff, the sleeve length must be perfect first. A properly fitting shirt

Pant Break

Suit pant breaks (how your pant legs meet your dress shoes and the kind of shapes that form) are mainly a matter of personal preference. That being said, the wrong dress pants break won’t flatter your body type, might not make the statement you think it does, and may not be appropriate for the environment or occasion.

Guide on choosing bespoke Tailor in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city of angels. Along with skyscrapers, shopping malls, nightlife; you come along hoards of tailors along the busy streets of Bangkok. Tailoring has been in Thailand since the early 20th century and counting to do good business. But among thousands of tailors, who you choose as your tailor. Who is the right

Conor McGregor’s Style

Conor McGregor may be best known for his fighting, but the UFC champion has another skills: dressing like a boss. The Irishman’s outfits are indeed just as killer as his moves, which is why many men are looking to him for fashion ideas and advice. In this article, we’ve rounded up McGregor’s best looks for

No Ties, Brown Shoes

Fashion matters more in politics than we’d imagine. And we are the fashion police in political sphere. Donald Trump taping his ties is the proof that he may be unfit to lead the nation. And at the recent Democratic debate several candidates attempted to use style as a way to silently send a message. Ties no

Summer Look: Steel Blue

One of our personal favorite fabrics from our Spring/Summer 2019 collection is the Superfine Merino Worsted Suit in Steel Blue. We are always on the hunt for colors that are strong and unique, but also versatile and wearable. This beautiful cloth is the perfect year-round weight, has a subtle sheen and comes in the most

Guide to get a custom made suit

The 90s was a turning point in bespoke clothing. Big retail brands began offering made-to-measure suits in their boutiques. Led by brands like Ermenegildo Zegna, bespoke services became more accessible. The meaning of bespoke suit Context is needed to understand how clothing is made from scratch. There are generally three types of clothing. The first

Suit Care during Bangkok’s Rainy season

Bangkok’s rainy season has begun, it’s time to think about what you will do to keep your custom suit in shape. This is especially important if you’ve opted for a fine fabric such as mohair or a cashmere blend. The most obvious advice for suit protection during rainy season is: always bring an umbrella! Don’t consider the umbrella just a tool, though; treat it as

Refresh Checks a Suit Trend for the ages

Check and Patterned Suiting is the best way to stand out in the crowd without being too LOUD. Like any sartorialist,  we plan our clothing months ahead. Our focus for Fall / Winter was new, bold patterns and unique ways to wear colour. Our three core checks for the season: A Bold Grey Windowpane, Burgundy