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Soft Shoulder

With spring and summer on the clock, lighter weight suits and jackets in more casual forms comes into foreplay with the desire for a less structured feel. Integral to this is the the soft shoulder – a lightly padded shoulder construction, giving a softer, more casual silhouette to a tailored jacket. Soft shoulders have little

Best Dressed Men at Met GALA 2019

We were missing the grand celebration, after the OSCARS award ended few months back. We were missing the flashy suits, camera flashes and the red carpet celebration. But then came the glitz and glam in May. Our favorite celebs and people in the world of entertainment mesmerized us at the MET GALA, New York glorified

All about the Linen Suit

For the unkown, linen is a natural fibre that comes from the flax plant, the name having derived from the Latin name of the plant. Before the advancement of man-made fibres, linen was often used as the inner layer of expensive garments, which is the  lining. It’s maybe the ultimate warm-weather fabric but not a

Clothes make the Man – Tailoring as a solution to a modern day fashion crisis

  The present fashion crisis. “Clothes make the man.”—a modern day translation of “For the apparel oft proclaims the man.”—one of the infamous lines from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, meaning others draw their opinion about you depending on the clothes you choose to put on. These lines could not be truer in 2019 with almost everyone trying

Dress code regulations

The announcement by Goldman Sachs in Marc 2019 that suits are ties are optional made headlines all over the internet and news. The move was a surprise in the industry, as Goldman Sachs and other investment firms have long been known for its suited employees and formal business look.Dress codes at workplace provide a uniformity

Tailoring Industry Trends and Forecast for 2019

If you want to own a handmade suit, then a custom tailor must be your top priority. Custom clothing options are becoming a trend because mass-producers of apparel only supply generic sizing with their products. Most people are far from average. That is why a tailor-made, bespoke suit is a top priority for today’s professionals.

What matters when buying a suit in Bangkok?

When you want to look your best, the obvious place to turn to for a bit of sartorial assistance is a good quality suit. Many men, though, short on time and currency, will often turn to buying a suit off the rack. Did you know, though, that in terms of value you are always going

Technological advances in the tailoring industry

Just like many other industries out there, the tailoring industry is also influenced by technology in various ways. Nowadays we find various tech ideas and pieces added to men’s fashion just because it’s suitable, easy to use and makes our life a bit better. The suit industry might seem reticent to new tech, just because

2019 Suit Trends

The last time you wore a suit, would be for a job interview or perhaps a wedding party or a funeral. Over the years, it seems suits have decline in fashion. But the run-away models in 2019 Spring/Summer collection suggests otherwise. There is a lot of suit tailoring with a modern twist. Performance fabrics, vibrant

Windowpane Suit

Windowpane pattern are thin/slim lines that cross like squares/rectangle on fabrics. It is an ongoing trend and have been making their way into suits at Italian labels and at bespoke tailors too. Windowpane can be the contender for the most perfect suit patterns. Windowpane pattern beefs up the slim guy, makes the thin guys look

Nothing Fits Quite Like a Tailored Suit

There’s a big event coming up and you want to be looking at your very best. Or maybe you have an upcoming interview and you want to impress. There’re countless reasons why you might want to dress to impress and this will often involve wearing a suit. The good news is that there’s plenty to

What to Look For The Best Tailors in Bangkok

In a City Full of Tailors, Don’t Compromise and Pick the Best Tailor in Bangkok One thing that many visitors to Bangkok notice is the sheer number of tailors that are available. You will often find that there are several right next door to each other, all trying to convince you that you should use