Guide on choosing bespoke Tailor in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city of angels. Along with skyscrapers, shopping malls, nightlife; you come along hoards of tailors along the busy streets of Bangkok. Tailoring has been in Thailand since the early 20th century and counting to do good business. But among thousands of tailors, who you choose as your tailor. Who is the right bespoke tailor in Bangkok?

There are few signs one can look out for choosing the right bespoke tailor. We summarize below a short guide you should consider during your search.

#1 Reputation – Word of mouth

Reputation and the years of operation matters alot. If the Bangkok tailor has been operating since a long time then naturally people in the town know about them and have something to say. The fact that if it is operating for so long, it means the business has been growing and word of mouth is strong. Universal Tailors has been operating since 1985 and in its 3rd generation. Reputation also comes from online reviews, press releases and testimonial. Online reviews on Google, Tripadvisor and other sites play a huge factor. As they are unbiased and cannot be influence by the business owner. Press release shows credibility. Shows that it stood the test of time and has been picked up by top publications for its excellence.

#2 Style advice – consultancy?

Chat with the client in order to establish their needs and personal expectations is important. This may include their work and background or the circumstances in which they will primarily be wearing their suit. It helps to narrow down the selection of fabric swatches to show to the customer from the hundreds that are available. The final choice is of course down to the individual, but we try and guide them towards something suitable that we know is likely to meet their needs. And then going through various customization options to the suit one of a kind that fits the clients personality and make sure it stands out from the rest.

#3 Turnaround time – It takes time to make a good suit

Quality takes time. The process of creating a suit requires experienced workmanship and consists of shaping, pressing, reshaping, stitching, measuring etc., until your suit is perfect. Moreover, there can be anywhere from 3-5 fittings required before a final product can be confidently handed over. If you are looking for quality, forget about 24-hour delivery. Minimum turn around time at a proper tailor shop is going to be about 3-5 working days for a standard wool blend fabric suit and 6-12 working days for a high end one (further depending on the construction of your garment).

#4 Price – Visible price list indicates transparency and trust

Bangkok tailors are known to hike prices for the sake of negotiations. They intentionally raise prices as they know customers will try to cut their prices as Bangkok is known for the place to bargain.

We believe in transparency. We charge a flat price depending on the fabric quality keeping the construction and inlays like lining, buttons standard. We do not allow negotiations and we do not charge extra for any customization.

Naturally, if the price is too good to be true, the tailor shop is likely compromising on fabric and/or workmanship, and your new suit may not the have best chances to stand the test of time (an example of a this would be a full suit in an Italian fabric for $250 – definitely too good to be true).

Final thoughts on choosing the right bespoke tailor in Bangkok

Overall, the above blueprint isn’t by any means bulletproof, but sticking to it will help you get closer to finding the right tailor in Bangkok who can offer good quality for a good price.

If you are looking for a tailoring house with immense experience and history behind it while getting your new suit, you are always welcome to visit Universal Tailor and talk to our tailors and style consultants. Our store is located less than 5-7 minutes walking from BTS Chongnonsi in Bangkok.