Clothes make the Man – Tailoring as a solution to a modern day fashion crisis


The present fashion crisis.

“Clothes make the man.”—a modern day translation of “For the apparel oft proclaims the man.”—one of the infamous lines from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, meaning others draw their opinion about you depending on the clothes you choose to put on. These lines could not be truer in 2019 with almost everyone trying to showcase their fashion statement on Instagram every few seconds. On the other hand, creating one’s own fashion statement rather than keeping up with the recent trends with little or no change is not in the forte of everyone else. Thus, being trendy alone in this day and age is just not enough to win you that lasting effect on people anymore since one looks no different from the rest.


The next step towards your fashion statement

With this crisis at hand, the only viable option that can bring a roundabout in your fashion statement and help you stand out from the crowd would be to break free of the trends. But how do you do that? Stop buying ready-made attires and have them tailor-made instead— yes, you heard right— tailored suites.


Why tailored-suites?

If people are going to infer on your character and personality by just taking a glance of what you have on; then what better way to have them do that than having your garments tailor-made. Unlike ready-to-wear garments tailored garments give the impression of how details matter to you as person which in turn will arouse in a people a sense of probability to be able to rely on you.


Tailoring and Alterations.

One of the reasons why most of us in general make do with ready-to-wear outfits and do not bother ourselves with having them custom-tailored is mainly because of the additional cost that comes with it in comparison to the affordable mass-produced garbs that are readily available in the market. Well, this is where we all go wrong— tailoring is not just about having new outfits made but it is also about making alterations to your previously purchased attires that are simply lying around collecting dust because they do not fit you right. Also, alterations come a lot cheaper at half or less than half a price of tailoring new attires.


Benefits of owning tailored-suits

  • The right fit

Even with a full closet, we land up wearing the same 4 to 5 pieces on a regular basissomething we all do unconsciously. Have you ever wondered why? That is because every once in a while we come across clothing that just fits us right. However, if you switch to having your apparels tailor-made which is made to fit you picture perfect regardless of your weight and height; the days of waiting for a coincidence to stumble up a right-fitting gear will be a mere thing of the past.


  • Boost in one’s morale

Another benefit of switching to having your garments custom-tailored is the boost they give to your self-confidence.  Once you get into the practice of collecting tailored-attires only, it will be of little importance to you if others take notice of your wears because as long as you know what you are wearing; you will feel good on the inside which will naturally show on the outside without having to put in any extra effort.


  • Timelessness

Last but not the least, a tailored suit which is made to your fit remains timeless in terms of its worth regardless of the ever changing time and trend.