This was a surprise editorial for us. We weren’t aware of this until the editor emailed us. We got featured in the article “MEN’S GUIDE TO BESPOKE SUITS”. The magazine is aimed for the Thais as it is written in Thai.

To read the article:

For those, who cannot read Thai. The article touched upon on the concept of BESPOKE. The writer clear the misconception and clearly stated the difference between MADE TO MEASURE and BESPOKE. For those who are not aware, we are a bespoke tailor as our cutters cut individual pattern precisely based on the measurement, we do not work from fixed patterns like MADE TO MEASURE tailors.

They described UNIVERSAL TAILORS as a worldwide tailor. They got it right. We have clients all over world, we do TRUNK  SHOW to almost all continents. And we have online orders shipping overseas everyday. They also mentioned that we are an experience tailor opening doors to client since 1985.


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