Q. Do you tailor women clothes?

A. Yes, but we only make suits, slacks, shirts and coat for women. No dresses!

Q. What is the starting price for suit?

A. 9,500 baht for two piece suit. Learn more

Q. What is the starting price for shirts?

A. 1,700 baht  Browse fabric

Q. What is the minimum days require to tailor a suit and a shirt?

A. 3 working days to allow for 3 fittings for suit and 2 days for shirt.  Learn more

Q. Do you make full canvas suit?

A. Yes, we do. It requires minimum 10 working days though.  Construction options 

Q. What is the minimum deposit required for each order?

A. 50% deposit either in cash or credit card.

Q. Do offer alteration service?

A. No, we don’t. We alter only the garments we have made. Free alteration for 6 months only.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. Yes, we do. Only VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted.

Q. What other garments you make?

A. We make trousers, chinos, blazers, tuxedo, overcoat, tail suit, wedding suit; etc. Learn more 

Q. What should I wear during the measurement day?

A. Please avoid pajamas and loose fitted shorts/pants. Wear your best fitted jeans or trousers. T- shirts are fine. But if possible get your dress shoes during the fittings.

Q. Do you keep my measurements?

A. Always. Your final measurement and the paper pattern is always stored in our warehouse.

Q. How do I order garments online?

A. Our online web-store is ready;  Shop NOW

Q. Are the shipping rate inclusive of the custom/import duties or tax?

A. No. We only charge a standard shipping rate based on the weight. Any duties or custom tax imposed by the custom department is paid by the client himself. We however, undervalue our garments. We use DHL express service.

Q. Do you accept orders if I purchase my own cloth?

A. We do not accept external fabrics at all due to obvious risk involve.

Q. What are the shirt washing instructions?

A.  i) Cold wash (30°C)  ii) Hang dry  iii) Do not tumble dry  iv) For easier ironing, iron while damp.

Q. How do I handle the suit and trousers?

A. Dry clean only, but not often. Hang in a nice wooden hanger after use. Allow ventilation and so the fibers of the fabric can recover. In case of any dirt, spot clean with water and mild detergent. Don’t wear the suit more than twice a week, allow it to relax.  Read more