Good vs Average Tailor

Good tailors who is an expert in its craft is becoming rare. That means there are more average or bad tailors in the industry.

For men, dressing well is a skilled that comes with one own’s experiences and inspiration from others.  Inspiration can come from red carpet celebrities, sports person wearing the expensive Italian label suits. Or inspiration can come from someone in the family that you look up to like your father. It takes years to discover the style that works best on you and one learns from their own mistakes.

As tailors are really hard to find as of late (at least good ones), we wanted to outline few traits to look for when searching for one.

Traits that an excellent tailor should have?

The tailor should have answers to your question

The tailor should dig deep and explain you on every possible doubts you have. They should take time in explaining you the style that is in trend and what has gone out of fashion. They should not be reluctant to tell the client if they are wrong in their selection or the client is being outrageous or over ambitious. Custom tailoring can be pricey, both in the cost of service and the fact the end result can be ruined clothing. The potential of high costs makes it a good idea to ask questions and avoid any unnecessary headaches in the future. Patience is key here. The tailor should guide and ask questions during the fitting stages (the most important stage).

Relationship with the tailor

The journey in finding your own unique personal style, relationship with people and craftsman is important. They help and aid you in becoming a sartorial gentleman. Like the old saying goes “you don’t change your barber easily, nor you change your tailor easily”. Bespoke tailoring takes time and its a joint effort between the tailor and the client. Firstly, there has to be absolute clarity on the fabric quality, weight and seasonality that is most suitable for the fabric. During the fitting stage, there has to be strong communication regarding the fit to make sure the tailor and the client are on the same understanding.

Detail oriented

Making sure that the sleeves fit your arms properly and all other measurements are to exact specifications are signs of a good tailor. But a great tailor goes even further then that. Do you prefer to wear your smartphone in your jacket pocket? Is one part of your body out of sequence with another? Your tailor’s attention to detail needs to go beyond accurate measurements. He should be able to assess both your proportions and your habits to ensure that your suit fits your daily needs. He should showcases you in your best light. They should leave no stone unturned and should think of every minute aspect before you do.

Have ample experience (and great reviews)

If you’re looking to get a good tailored suit, start with someone who’s been in the business for years. Many tailors learn the trade from generations who came before. That means that family businesses are also a great starting point. A tailor who learned from a tailor is a great indicator that he is passionate in his craft and has learned from various generations. There is something special when knowledge is passed down through the generations and this holds especially true with tailors.

If your tailor has been around for a number of years, you would have heard about them from your friends or families. References can be a great way to find a reputable tailor or receive confirmation you’ve chosen wisely.