How to choose the right tailor in Bangkok

Bangkok is the land of smiles. There are millions of travelers flocking into the city every month. Once cannot help to notice hundreds of tailors along the street of downtown. Tailoring business in Thailand has been evident since 1960s and have been running since.

The question arises, how do one choose the best tailor in Bangkok for tailored suits?



We have listed down Key Pointers to look out for when making your decisions. Once you go through them, your chances to find a good tailor would be much higher.

1. Price: Full transparency in choosing the right tailor in Bangkok

When contemplating how to select the appropriate tailor, one of the most apparent methods is to gauge whether they openly present their pricing, whether it’s available online or through other means. This practice signifies transparency and generally suggests that the tailor shop is completely confident in the quality of their fabrics and the skillfulness of their workmanship.

It is these two elements that ultimately determine the cost of creating a well-crafted suit (or any other garments). A proficient tailor will utilize superior fabrics, encompassing those with a high thread count, top-notch interfacing, impeccable lining, and reputable brands. The most coveted fabrics are often sourced from Europe and carefully stored on flat boards. Equally important is the expertise of an experienced tailor who can transform your chosen fabric into a magnificent suit. The finest tailor shops typically have in-house tailors, resulting in consistent and superior craftsmanship.

Of course, if the price seems unbelievably good, it is likely that the tailor shop is compromising either on the quality of the fabric, the workmanship, or both. Consequently, a suit acquired under such circumstances may not possess the durability required to endure the test of time. For instance, encountering a complete suit made from Italian fabric priced at $199 would undeniably be an example of an offer that is far too good to be true.



2. Style Expertise in choosing the right tailor in Bangkok

It is ideal to begin your journey in tailoring with some knowledge of men’s style and fashion, although skilled tailors understand that this may not always be the case. What sets a good tailor apart is their ability to provide tasteful style suggestions to customers when necessary, offering what they need rather than just what they want.

For instance, if you are new to getting custom-made clothing, the tailor will inquire about the occasion for which you intend to wear your suit, among other simple questions. By gathering this information, they will have a good understanding of your requirements and expertly guide you throughout the tailoring process. If you already have prior experience with tailoring, they will ask about your existing garments, and together you can collaborate on expanding your wardrobe with complementary pieces.

It’s important to note that whether a tailor offers style advice or not may not be apparent until you visit the store. Therefore, if you have the luxury of time, it may be worthwhile to visit multiple stores and compare their style services. Alternatively, seeking recommendations and advice from fashion-savvy friends can also be valuable.

3. Turnaround time in choosing the right tailor in Bangkok

Crafting a high-quality suit takes time. The process involves skilled craftsmanship that includes shaping, pressing, reshaping, stitching, measuring, and more, all aimed at achieving perfection. Additionally, it typically requires multiple fittings, ranging from 3 to 5, before the final product can be confidently delivered.

If your priority is quality, quick 24-hour delivery is not a feasible option. At a reputable tailor shop, the minimum turnaround time for a standard wool blend fabric suit would be around 3 to 5 working days, while a premium suit may take 6 to 8 working days, depending on its construction.