Bespoke Suits are Pinnacle of Mens fashion

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Custom clothing seems to be trending at all levels, yet this is nothing new for the suit industry. Topping off the charts at the highest level of sophistication, comfort, and fit is the bespoke suit in Mens Fashion.

The experience of designing a bespoke suit

A top reason to make your suit bespoke is for the experience of designing and assembling a handmade suit. There is history attached to the experience which makes the process memorable and distinguishable from every other suit you acquire. There are years of tradition baked into the concept and most bespoke tailors have upheld many of the character building traits of having a bespoke suits made.

Having a tailor at your site as a wardrobe consultant is an experience in itself when you are being made to look your best. Bespoke tailors typically have a ton of experience in matching a suit to a man, and they will pick up on styling elements that will compliment your features when you are deciding on styling options.

Design your own style when creating bespoke suits

It is advisable to brush up on your suit terminology and get familiar with the customization options you have available for selection. For example, knowing the difference between a full break, half break, and no break at all when the tailor asks you how you want your pant legs designed might be the difference in making the perfect suit.

Everything is customizable when designing a bespoke suit. The patterns are made from scratch so you will have options on the designing the most original of every and anything you deem worthy of your attention.

You will have the option to design and choose the style of your lapel, collar, sleeves, buttons, buttonholes, stitching, lining, pockets, etc. Everything you can see and touch on a suit is available for you to make your mark and influence the design.

Once can customize to the next level. You can add embroidered initials and choose a fancy lining pattern. Many people will choose to have secret compartments or hidden pockets built into the suit for personal items that make the suit more functional.

Highest level of comfort

The comfort a bespoke suit provides is incomparable. The fact that patterns are drawn from scratch and measured precisely to the exact dimensions of your body.

There are three subsequent fittings following the basted fitting. The process for assembling the bespoke suit can take up to 7 days with anywhere between 30-40 man hours.

Legendary quality in Mens Fashion

Bespoke suits are legendary for their quality. The fabric chosen to build the suit is always a head and shoulder above any suit you will find on a rack. The range in quality can differ greatly as you have the option to choose fabric from mills located anywhere in the world. Cashmere being one of the most luxurious types of cloth that are used to make a suit.