Best Dressed Men at Met GALA 2019

We were missing the grand celebration, after the OSCARS award ended few months back. We were missing the flashy suits, camera flashes and the red carpet celebration.

But then came the glitz and glam in May. Our favorite celebs and people in the world of entertainment mesmerized us at the MET GALA, New York glorified and globally celebrated costume party. With the theme this year being “Camp: Notes of Fashion,” some looks are bound to be memorable until next year!

Check our top picks below:

Shawn Mendes in Saint Laurent

Shawn Mendes’ Saint Laurent suit is just as elegant. The white double trimmings and the dots that goes along with it adds enough accents to an already sufficient gentleman’s attire. Like a fashionable urban cowboy.

Lewis Hamilton in Tommy Hilfiger

Another good example of a gentleman bringing out the camp in him. Patterned suit is nothing new in the past few years, but it’s usually something modest. Lewis Hamilton’s Tommy Hilfiger suit is definitely not – in a very good way. Now, please tell us that the graph spikes represents something from his Formula-1 racing.

Patrick Schwarzenegger in Ralph Lauren

The traditional cowboy look. It takes some swag to pull this off on a regular basis – let alone that one moment when all fashion eyes are on you. Patrick’s Ralph Lauren set definitely a stand-off.

Michael B. Jordan in Coach

There’s something about Michael B. Jordan and pitch black red carpet outfits. The subdued tone, with his humble body language, makes a modest but stand out look everytime. This time donning a lovely Coach outfit that are patterned in hundreds of sequins – from the crop coat, the pants, even the boots.

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