Tessitura Monti produces world-class fabrics used by many of the top shirt-making houses. Italian fabric finishes are simply second to none, and Herman Bros & Co. are proud to bring this level of shirting fabric to our customers. With origins from 1911, the company has over a century of history in fabric production. Based near Treviso in northern Italy, the company draws on inspirations from nearby Carnia in the Italian Alps, where founder Giorgio Monti and his forefathers brought their history in fabric production from.

Tracing its history back five generations, Tessitura Monti aims to be to be the undisputed reference point in shirt-making textiles in the world market. The company has historical archives of over one million production samples, and is known for its unique designs which are often contemporary yet classical.

The hallmarks of the company’s fabrics include the soft and sumptuous touch of the fabrics, and the body of the double-twisted threads of long-fibre Egyptian cotton (threat count of 100s+) woven in Italy.

Our entire range of double-twisted (two-ply) shirting fabrics are also easy to iron due to them containing the renowned Monti ‘special finish’, a secret ingredient that ensures a clean and starched look that lasts all day.

The brand label are sewn in the shirt as a sign of authenticity, we also offer complimentary mother of pearl button