Oscars 2022

The 2022 Oscars ceremony was the most awaited red carpet event of the year, and it was indeed memorable. Looking past the Will & Chris incident, we got to witness celebs in their finest formal attire. Many played it safe, and the others took a risk to stand out – some risks paid off, and some were a miss. Nonetheless, everyone flaunted their unique sense of style with confidence and gave us something to talk about. The ladies sure did dazzle the red carpet with gowns that cost a fortune, but the guys also went to great lengths to impress. The dapper assortment of suits and tuxedoes was applause worthy, but who knew that men could be so good at accessorizing?

The Oscars 2022 hosted an overwhelmingly fashionable crowd, but let me narrow it down to the top 5 best dressed men at the event:

1.     Jake Gyllenhaal

If anyone tells you that blue and black don’t work well together, let Jake Gyllenhaal’s ensemble at this year’s Oscar red carpet prove them wrong. Gyllenhaal would look dashing in a potato sack, but this Givenchy suit is to die for; the Cartier watch is just the cherry on top.


2.     Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield’s attire choice for the event sure was unusual, but in the best way possible. I mean look at how the suit fits – it’s impeccable. The burgundy colored velvet jacket works so well with the black satin shirt and that old-timey bow. Kudos to St. Laurent who made this look happen.


3.     Rami Malek

Our favorite hacker, also known as Mr. Robot, wore Prada to the Oscars. With that attitude and those shades, he looked more charming than the devil himself. The overall look is conventional, but the execution is marvelous. The lapel pin and Cartier watch are a nice personal touch.


4.     Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Look who showed up looking like a white collar crime on the red carpet. Nikolaj proved that age is just a number and you can only wish you looked half as good in a white tuxedo.


5.     Dominic Fike

Dominic Fike from Euphoria let the world know that glitter and sparkles aren’t just for the girls. The half unbuttoned satin shirt from St. Laurent paired with the flashy double-breasted jacket and black trousers was a sight for sore eyes. The only thing that didn’t quite match was the blue hair, but he is rocking it.


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