Thai Tailor Award – Style & Apparel Award 2022

Thai Tailor Award – Style & Apparel Award 2022 Thai Tailor Award – LUXlife has announced the winners of the Style & Apparel Awards 2022. Thai Tailor Award – Universal Tailors Receive the 2022 Style & Apparel Award from LuxLife Magazine Thai Tailor Award – LUXlife Magazine is a premium lifestyle publication which was founded


Clever Thai mission is to bring exemplary reviews on the various products and services and Thailand. They aim to provide reliable sources localized for tourist. Covering best places to go to for delicious food, relaxation, entertainment, products, and so much more. All their content has been tried and tested In their newest list on “5 Best

Giejo Magazine – Thailand Best Tailor

  Giejo is a trusted source of all thing’s fitness and lifestyle. it provide you with top quality information on topics such as fitness, weight loss, diets and food, sports and nutrition, supplements, meditation, yoga, and so much more! They recently contacted us to feature our business. They wanted our views on the challenges we

Corporate Live Wire

The Prestige Awards celebrates small and medium-sized enterprises consisting of localized businesses and sole traders excelling in their market. Awarding us the best tailor Award. Each year, Corporate LiveWire invite both readers and contributors put forward companies, products, services and individuals who they feel are deserving of recognition. The organization ask each nominee to submit


We are featured in this article “Bespoke Suits for Men – Best tailors in Bangkok, Hoi An, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Singapore” by MoneySmart Singapore. Today, MoneySmart Group is the largest financial portal in the Southeast Asia region, helping over 100m people across in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines make smarter financial decisions.

LUXLife Magazine

UK’s LUXLife awards Universal Tailor with Best Bespoke Men’s Tailor – Thailand Distributed digitally to a circulation of 238,000, LUXlife is a premium lifestyle publications with a truly global reach. LUXlife covers everything from luxury travels and hotels, motoring and technology to jewellery, beauty products, food and fashion. It targets the high net worth, the top

Yahoo Finance

We are featured in this article “Bespoke Suits for Men – Best tailors in Bangkok, Hoi An, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Singapore” by the popular Yahoo Finance, leading online Finance portal serving industry-leading business and financial news product. We feel honored to make it to the list. They named us the best tailor in Bangkok for high

Mariko Chan blog

We are proud and honored to be featured by Mariko Chan blog. They named us the best tailor in Bangkok and the tailor of choice for Japanese tourist and expats in Bangkok. Tailor of choice in Bangkok Japanese are known to be the one of the most well educated in fashion particularly men suits. Their

Mariko Chan Blog

We are pleased to be featured on Mariko Chan Blog. It’s a famous Japanese blog on Thailand and the life of expats in Thailand. She was born and raised in Japan and lived a very conservation traditional life. She would dream of overseas life and working abroad through her teens. It turned into reality when


We recently got featured in the prestigious Wanderlust magazine. We were approached by the editors and they were quite eager to write about our business and background. We were more than willing to share our thoughts and made sure we gave the right answers to them! Wanderlust is a leading expat life & style print magazine and


GQ was our biggest press release till date. We were featured on the prestigious magazine GQ British during September 2014.  GQ back in 2014 was celebrating 50 years of woolmark symbol for the fine existence of MERINO WOOL. So we were the only BESPOKE TAILOR from THAILAND selected as one of the MOST INSPIRING FASHION

Bangkok magazine

It seems like the team of or Bangkok magazine has repeatedly been asked on the best tailors in Bangkok . Which we believe prompted them to approach us. One of the editor came to down to our store and purchase a suit and some dress shirts. The next moment we know we are being

Business Traveller

This can be considered one of our most prolific feature ever.  Business Traveller magazine approached us to be featured us on “ Satorial Jorney” article. They stress on the point that Asia is renowed for sharp tailoring at reasonable prices and wanted to get insights from tailors to guide on the cut, style and fabric.


Few months back, we got featured on Momondo place city guide. Momondo places‘ is an interactive city guide app helping you to find hotels, restaurants, shops, sights, markets and activities for your city trip.  It is a FREE travel guides written by locals that help you discover a city’s most authentic spots and secrets –


Bespokeable offers Visual product customization & commerce solutions.  It’s a platform that allows the user to easily display & sell custom-made goods online. This is one of the first press release we had. Bespokeable contacted us as they wanted to ventured their online product customization into tailoring website. They did extensive reach and found us

Bangkok 101 magazine

Bangkok 101 magazine is Bangkok’s popular monthly lifestyle and travel guide. The writer approached and got us talking about how we operate our business.  We then further elaborated and explain more on the tailoring scene in Bangkok. How the business has been affected by TUK TUK scams that try to rip off foreigner looking for

Business traveler – GERMANY

We first got featured in Business Travel Asia pacific edition and then after few months Business traveler GERMANY edition approached us. To reveal, Germans accounts for big chunk of our clientele and revenue. They are passionate about their suits and understand quality. We also visit major cities of Germany once a year to meet our : 5 great Bangkok tailor

We got featured again by It seems like we are their favorite tailor. Well, we have been making suits for most of their staff now.  This time they decide to write up about 5 top tailors in Bangkok and we made it to the list expectedly. They did acknowledge the fact that the store

Marco polo

For those who understand, Italian please email us. We can email you the PDF file in Italian. In English, the Marco Polo magazine simply chose one tailor in Thailand. And that is us. They were indeed satisfied with the content we supplied them and seeing that we got featured in many other travel magazine, they

Two magazine

We got featured in TWO MAGAZINE in their 2015 gift guide. They wrote us under the Great Basics praising our LINEN shirts which they claim is the perfect tailored shirt for travel. They quoted “The linen shirt is the embodiment of effortless style. Especially in the tropics, when the days are longer, and during the


This was a surprise editorial for us. We weren’t aware of this until the editor emailed us. We got featured in the article “MEN’S GUIDE TO BESPOKE SUITS”. The magazine is aimed for the Thais as it is written in Thai. To read the article: For those, who cannot read Thai. The article touched

Bangkok EXPAT life

We would believe we are the number 1 tailor among Bangkok expats. We boast a clientele of hundreds of expats living in Bangkok. Thus this triggered the leading expat magazine to feature a story on us specifically. Their title “BANGKOK’S BESPOKE TAILOR OF INTERNATIONAL RENOWN – UNIVERSAL TAILORS” is flattering. We completely agree with them.