We are a majority stakeholder in Rrozani Limited, a factory-owned company that mass-produces quality tailor made or made to measure garments. Through our joint venture with the company, we offer a PRIVATE LABEL PARTNERSHIP (OEM services) or RESELLING PROGRAM open to existing suit labels, storefronts and online stores. Due to the huge scale, the factory is able to mass-produce tailored or made to measure garments at a very attractive price. This ensures our resellers/agents are able to further sell at a competitive price earning a substantial margin.

To start, simply email us at rrozanilimited@gmail.com to order a reselling kit. We offer the reselling kit at an affordable price. We only work with establish companies, not start up.

RESELLING KIT consist of:

  • Thousand of fabric swatches (for suit, shirt, blazer, overcoat, chino; etc)
  • Customization options and full styling features for every tailored garment
  • Measurement tape and other tailoring tools assisting in measurement
  • Alteration guide
  • Order form

Other service provided by us:

  • Online training on professional measurement & understanding the complexities of different body types
  • Short production cycle, 14 day delivery
  • DHL/Fedex express shipment at major discount

Contact rrozanilimited@gmail.com  to set-up a partnership with us.