Shirt & Suit Private Label

We offer this service through our partner company, Rrozani Limited. Rrozani Limited is a MTM company that offers shirt & suit private label manufacturing services (Suit & Shirt Resellers). The company mass-produces quality tailor made or made to measure garments at a big volume and enjoy massive economies of scale.

Rrozani Limited offers SUIT PRIVATE LABEL PARTNERSHIP (SUIT OEM services, SUIT RESELLING PROGRAM) open to existing suit labels, storefronts, agents and online stores. Due to the huge scale, the factory is able to mass-produce tailored or made to measure SUIT & SHIRT at a very attractive price.

This ensures our resellers/agents are able to further sell at a competitive price earning a substantial margin.

To start, simply email us at to order a starter/reselling kit. We offer the kit at an affordable price.

RESELLING KIT consist of:

  • Thousand of fabric swatches (for suit, shirt, blazer, pants, overcoat, chino, shorts, casual jackets, denim etc)
  • Customization options and full styling features for every tailored garment
  • Measurement tape and other tailoring tools assisting in measurement
  • Alteration guide
  • Order form

Other service provided by us:

  • Online training on professional measurement & understanding the complexities of different body types
  • Short production cycle, 10 day delivery
  • DHL/Fedex express shipment at major discount

Contact  to set-up a partnership with us.