Tailoring Industry Trends and Forecast for 2019

Tailoring Trends

If you want to own a handmade suit, then a custom tailor must be your top priority. Custom clothing options are becoming a trend because mass-producers of apparel only supply generic sizing with their products.

Most people are far from average. That is why a tailor-made, bespoke suit is a top priority for today’s professionals. The statistics of the tailoring industry back up this observation.


Top Trends to Consider for the Tailoring Industry

The tailoring industry is just starting to embrace the rise of machine learning. Advanced algorithms are making it possible to automate the measurement processes necessary to create a bespoke suit through a custom tailor. However AI is extremely good at processing data in a 2D realm, it’s another matter altogether in the 3D world of textiles. So this trend will take quite some time before becoming a staple in the industry.

Robots are also taking over the repetitive tasks of design implementation as sewing has become more available with advancing technologies. This process helps to bring down costs for consumers while creating more availability for custom products. Of course at Universal Tailor we pride ourselves on creating handmade bespoke garments and will not be compromising on quality for the sake of cost.

3-D printing is another top trend that the tailoring industry is evaluating. New rendering technology makes it possible to immediately edit designs and review changes to improve the cut and quality of how custom tailored suits and other clothing items fit.


The Future of the Tailoring Industry

The primary challenge that faces the tailoring industry today is a shift from business formal to casual dress in the workplace. Despite increases in the need for custom apparel, tailoring and alterations offer fewer opportunities.

Despite these challenges, when someone wants to attend a significant life event or make a stunning first impression, a tailor-made suit becomes a must.

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