Technological advances in the tailoring industry

Just like many other industries out there, the tailoring industry is also influenced by technology in various ways. Nowadays we find various tech ideas and pieces added to men’s fashion just because it’s suitable, easy to use and makes our life a bit better. The suit industry might seem reticent to new tech, just because people have been using the same type of fashion ideas for many years.

Non-iron suits

This is an interesting thing because every Bangkok tailor would want to work with shirts that never need ironing. Thankfully, this technology is focused on using multiple manufacturing tools designed to boost the fabric strength. What this does is it prevents molecules from moving too much. As a result, there’s increased resistance to creasing, and that helps quite a bit.

Stretching technologies

Most of the time men’s fashion icons state that they have a hard time wearing a suit because it’s too tight. The stretching technology comes to remedy that. What it does is it finds and optimizes various materials specifically designed to make the suit stretch faster and easier. One of the main materials here is elastane, which helps boost comfort and even the overall quality too.

Temperature control

It’s extremely important to feel comfortable in your Bangkok suit, but it’s hard to do that when the temperature is very hot outside. But researchers started to develop clothing that helps change how much radiation escapes from the bespoke suit, and it makes it easier for air to circulate around the body. So even if you don’t feel ok because it’s too hot, this type of suit will help you quite a bit.

Wearable payment and access suits

This is quite an interesting investment that Master Card made recently with fashion designer Adam Selman. They are trying to add a microchip to suits, maybe in the sleeve to make it easy for men to access a location, pay for services and so on. It definitely sounds like a movie, but in a few years it might very well become a real thing.

Color-changing fabrics

Yes, this is yet another innovation that even a Bangkok tailor would find a bit strange. But it’s real, scientists at the University of Michigan managed to incorporate tiny crystals in clothing and these will react differently based on the light wavelength. What this means is that by adding such crystals into your suit, you will be able to acquire some amazing benefits just like color-changing.

Self-healing fabric

Despite being in its early days, this technology is set to make the life of any bespoke tailor a lot easier. The idea here is that E-Coli (a bacteria) has self-replicating properties and the fashion industry is exploring ways to use this bacteria to knit broken fabric back together.

As you can see, the tailoring industry is ever-growing and technology is an intricate part of it all. That being said, it’s more important than ever to purchase and own a great, high-quality suit from a good Bangkok tailor. So if you want to showcase and maintain a stellar look, do try to invest in a proper Bangkok suit, you will be very happy with your investment!