Making of Bespoke Jacket



Hand-sewn buttonhole

UT hand-sewn buttonhole shot directly in our factory. Hand-sewn buttonhole is a hallmark of a bespoke suit. It looks neater and far more elegant than machine sewn buttonhole.



Bespoke cut

Our head cutter, Mr. Tai (30 years experience) crafting a bespoke pattern on a beautiful wool fabric. The cutter takes into account the measurement recorded, the style and the subtle observation (like sloping shoulders, body posture; etc) and then draws the jacket pattern. The pattern is then cut into panels (front, back and side, sleeve and collar) and which are later sewn together by our tailors. See a short video on how the pattern is drawn:



Hand stitched collar

Our tailor stitching the jacket collar by hand making sure it sits beautifully on the neck. Collar is one of the most important part of a bespoke suit.



Padstitch canvas

Bespoke canvas or inlays that goes inside are the life of a bespoke jacket. After the canvas is padstitch by hand, the jacket is stitch by the blind machine for reinforcement on the corners. Please note machine blind stitch on corners only while the main part is done by hand.