Vitale Barberis

Vitale Barberis Canonico is the oldest cloth mill in the world with uninterupted service since 1663. With an estimated 8 million metres of fabric being produced each year, which roughly translates to 2.5 million suits and jackets , VBC is an important names in the market, supplying fabrics to both prestigious bespoke workshops and large ready-to-wear factories from all around the globe. The company is known for offering an excellent value for money, as well as for creating no less than 4,000 new fabrics per year.

The mill is vertically integrated, Barberis actually own sheeps in Australia and then combs, dyes, spins, weaves and finishes itself.

They supply to top brands like Armani, Canali, Hugo boss; etc. Apparently Zegna is Vitale Barberis Canonico  largest customer. These are genuine Italian milled fabrics with brand label sewn in the jacket as sign of authenticity which correspond with the name of the mill on the fabric roll selvedge.

We offer wide range of fabrics from this renowned mill from super 110’s to 150’s and with wool/mohair blend and wool/silk blend. They are among the finest suiting fabrics and there is no way you will be disappointed.