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Universal Tailor, Best Bangkok tailor, with a history that stretches back over 37+ years crafting the most extraordinary bespoke & tailored suits for discerning men all around the world. The house has always prided itself on its rich heritage, and its reputation as one of the finest &

best bespoke tailor in Bangkok. The superior cut and attention to details distinguishes our custom suits ensuring impeccable fit & one of a kind style. We go beyond simply making suits – we craft timeless garments that inspire confidence and success.

Named as the best Bangkok tailor in Thailand (Top Tailor in Bangkok, Thailand) and best bespoke tailor in Bangkok by top publications like GQ and others. Since 1985, Universal Tailor  have successfully established itself as leading tailored suit & custom made shirt maker in Bangkok, Thailand. It abides by the highest standard of traditional hand bespoke tailoring by offering authentic fabric, high-quality workmanship and friendly personal service. Run by father and son duo, Ronnie and Raj offers the top quality services, best quality suits in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Prestige Quality, Family-Run Tailor in Bangkok Thailand – Universal Tailor

If there’s one thing that every man has in common, it’s their love for getting dressed up in a smart, powerful and well-tailored suit and feeling like a million dollars. It was this universal ‘truth’ which inspired the birth of this long established family business. At Universal Tailor we are dedicated to providing men of all ages, ethnicities and beliefs with the finest tailored suits. We do so by adopting an unrivalled level of passion, fused with creative precision. We also take great pride in being entirely honest, genuine and up front about the materials that we use, where they are sourced and the processes in which our garments are made.

It’s no secret that the great city of Bangkok is teeming with tailors, however what tends to be kept quiet in most shops is where the fabrics and materials come from. Again, with Universal Tailors we don’t hide anything from the customer. We believe that a tailored suit is the ultimate form of expression for a man, allowing them to demonstrate their individuality with confidence. This is why it is paramount that all of our customers know everything about their suit from origin to quality, right down to the very last stitch.

Fair Trade and the Most Talented Tailors in Bangkok

With over 33 years in the industry, Universal Tailor have developed a keen eye for detail. This has helped to build a sterling reputation for delivering such prestige quality suits and shirts. As such, father and son duo, Ronnie and Raj go above and beyond to maintain that reputation and to deliver on that promise to every single customer that comes through their door.

One of the ways in which they maintain that reputation is by hiring the very best talent in tailoring, attracting such skilled labour by paying up to 30% higher than the industry standard and handpicking each and every individual. This level of quality control ensures that all our employees share the same values as we do, so that every garment produced by Universal Tailor will exceed the customers’ expectations.

Welcome to the Family

One thing that you’ll notice about Universal Tailor is that when you step through the door you won’t be hounded by salesmen, instead receiving a warm welcome from the family. We are here to provide a service of high-quality tailoring, style and fashion advice as opposed to scrabbling to get ‘numbers on the board’.

We offer a thorough and highly professional service to ensure the best quality of outcome. The typical process involves an initial consultation where you’ll voice your ideas to us and we’ll offer various options and ideas based on our professional opinion. Once you’re satisfied with your choice of style and fabric we’ll get to measuring. Following that you’ll typically need to pop in for an additional 2 or 3 fittings – this might appear to be a bit much at first, though once the finished product arrives, and it fits your form like a magnificent second skin, you’ll understand why we insist on being so thorough.

Understand that quality tailoring takes time. It’s not so dissimilar to following a secret recipe to create the perfect dish, only the ingredients are forever changing. But that’s what we do, we adapt, we adjust, and we approach every request with an open mind and a wealth of industry experience.

Invest in a Suit You Can Treasure Forever

If you want to beam with pride and confidence every time you slip your perfectly tailored suit on, then why not pop in to see us for a chat? Again, all our products are produced to such a prestige quality, that they’ll be sure to last you a lifetime, affording you the opportunity to look and feel fantastic whenever it finds it way out of the wardrobe (and believe us, you’ll always be looking for an excuse to do so!)

Top Tailor in Thailand, Best Tailor in Bangkok

We’re proud of the 35 years of family history in our brand, serving customers who have become friends decades of dedicated service to their tailoring needs. We will guide you through the process of creating a suit that is cut and created just for you. Our dedicated team will help you choose the ideal fabric and lend an expert hand for the perfect design and fit. Our clothes are not made for just anyone; they are made exclusively for you through your choices. Each of our suits does come with Universal Tailor’s legendary style and levels of comfort and service.

While primarily known for our bespoke suits, we can do so much more for your sartorial needs. We tailor bespoke shirts, overcoats, smoking jackets, summer jackets, morning coats, and dinner jackets. Our tailoring team is comprised of the finest specialist coat-makers, trouser-makers, vest-makers, alteration tailors, finishing tailors and pressers, trained in their craft. The making of a single suit can involve up to five craftsmen, up to 14 hours of work, and will take days to complete.

Rated the best Bangkok Tailor and Thailand Top Tailor by GQ magazine, Business Traveller,, Bangkok magazine, BKK101 magazine, Business Traveller magazine, Marcopolo magazine.


UT is thrilled to be recognized as the ‘Best Bespoke Tailor in Bangkok’. Hundreds of media outlets like GQ have acknowledged the exceptional quality that we offer. We’re proud to have styled & tailored thousands of professionals across the globe; including Corporate CEOs, VIPS, local & foreign dignitaries.

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Select from vast variety of fabrics, customize it and your custom garments would be shipped to your doorstep in weeks.


Our expert team regularly travels to your city to fit you. Making it extremely convenient to get tailored by Best Tailor in Bangkok and Thailand’s Top Bespoke Tailors.


Bespoke Suit

We craft bespoke suits for discerning men who want contemporary style as well the highest craftsmanship in their tailoring. We cut slim & sleek custom tailored suits for a modern look that’s both striking and refined.


Bespoke Shirt

Each of our shirts is expertly sewn by a single tailor to your exact size, ensuring an exceptional fit and comfort. Hand made from the finest cottons, each of our bespoke shirts is the ultimate in premium quality.



Our tailored suit are hand cut and crafted into a one of a kind bespoke creation to match your specifications & measurements using the highest quality canvasses, haircloth, cotton, thread and linings.



We fancy a slightly shorter jacket, minimal padding for the natural and flattering silhouette. We emphasize on high armholes and suppressed waist for the lean and contemporary look. 

Why Us?

Offering the finest in construction with floating canvas & detailed hand finishing, this is the suit every man wants. Our highly skilled tailors promise to deliver the best in bespoke tailoring.



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